A message from the SB AIRPORT COMMUNITIES coalition (8/12/19):

Thank you for participating in San Bernardino Airport Communities events and for your concern about the proposed Eastgate project at SBD INTERNATIONAL Airport.

Last week was busy with both a press conference and a public hearing!

The community press conference in front of Curtis Middle School on Monday got excellent coverage on ABC, CBS, Univision, and Telemundo:

ABC: https://youtu.be/coYv79370tk 

CBS: https://youtu.be/YLjSJo_FIAs 

Telemundo: https://youtu.be/yZOn94FRjvk 

Univision: https://youtu.be/fZ7qisi90CQ 

At the public hearing on August 8th, an estimated 300 community members and residents also voiced their concerns to the FAA and the SB Airport Authority about the proposed Eastgate Air Cargo Logistics Center. 

There was a fantastic turnout from the San Bernardino community.  239 people signed in at the SB Communities table. Participants enjoyed over 300 donated In-N-Out burgers our “tailgate” event anchored by the large Teamster union truck.  

It is significant to note that during the 2018 state of California (CEQA) environmental process for the proposed Eastgate project there was also a public hearing on October 26, 2018, and SBIAA claims that the community raised no concerns.  

The outreach to the community by the FAA and the SBIAA continued to be minimal for the 2019 public hearing and It was particularly disappointing that there were also numerous problems with public access during the hearing.  

  • 88 speakers signed up, but not all were able to speak. When signing up, speakers were told they wouldn’t be able to speak until 11:00 and midnight (based on every speaker using all three minutes) so many were discouraged from signing up. Some who signed up had to leave, hence only approximately 65 spoke out of the 88 who signed up.

  • The vast majority of people who were able to speak (approximately 50 out of 65) voiced concerns about the project (environment and jobs).  The Laborers construction union (LiUNA), the Chamber of Commerce, and some former elected officials and high-level airport staff spoke in support of the project.

  • Despite being told we could enter at 5:30, LiUNA and others were allowed in the chambers at about 5:15 to fill up seats and sign up to speak ahead of others who were waiting.

  • No translation was provided except to be entered into the official record. This meant that Spanish speakers were not able to receive the instructions for the hearing and were not able to hear the testimonies were given by English speakers.  There was only one speaker who spoke in a language other than English. English speakers were not able to hear what he said.

  • The video set up for the overflow rooms was not operational.  The sound was transmitted, but no video, which made the hearing hard to follow from the overflow rooms.

Read post-hearing coverage here:

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Excélsior California:Discutirán sobre centro logístico en la antigua Base Aérea de Norton - https://www.excelsiorcalifornia.com/2019/08/07/discutiran-sobre-centro-logistico-en-la-antigua-base-aerea-de-norton/



There is still time to turn in a written comment with your concerns about the Eastgate project to the FAA & Airport Authority. They must receive your comments by 5 pm on August 19th.